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Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League Calls on Virginia and North Carolina Attorneys General to Aid Landowners Left in Limbo by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Mar. 15, 2021: Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League has requested the Attorneys General of North Carolina and Virginia intervene on behalf of landowners who were forced to bow to "bullying and predatory" tactics used to gain easements for the now cancelled Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

Groups Gather at Savannah River Site to Mark Historic Treaty Outlawing Nuclear Weapons, Call for Action

Jan. 22, 2021: Today, people living near the Savannah River Site participated in an historic day in the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons. Joining with scores of similar actions across the nation and around the world, local residents unfurled a 10-foot banner stating that "Nuclear Weapons Are Illegal." At midnight, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons enters into force, establishing in international ban on nuclear weapons.

10 foot TPNW banner

Eugene Lowry, President Richmond County Neighborhood Alliance Association; Charles Utley, Associate Director BREDL; Claude Howard, President Concern Citizens of Shell Bluff; Melvin Stewart, Hyde Park and Aragon Park Improvement Committee; and Richard Colclough, Call To Action.


Press Releases: 1999 - 2020


BREDL submits comments on two Carolina Sunrock facilities proposed for Caswell County, NC

Sep. 22, 2021: The Burlington North draft permit made available for public comment on the NC DAQ website contained numerous errors and must be denied. These errors include duplicate numbering of conditions and an exclusion of a referenced condition. In addition, there are several issues with the air modeling which was completed to demonstrate compliance with criteria and hazardous air pollutant standards. Revised air modeling analysis and a revised draft permit must be posted.

The Prospect Hill Quarry Distribution Center needs revised air modeling analysis including cumulative impacts from the nearby already permitted Carolina Sunrock facility on Wrenn Road. Until the cumulative impacts are considered, this permit must be denied.

BREDL sends letter to NC Attorney General regarding easements for the cancelled Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Sep. 07, 2021: In our letter, we point out that landowners whom were able to obtain legal counsel were able to negotiate better terms. We request the Attorney General right the injustices and assist landowners in regaining these easements.

BREDL sends letter to NC DEQ Secretary regarding June 30, 2021 discharge of 1,4 dioxane
The release was from the TZ Osborne Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greensboro

Aug. 11, 2021: Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League urges the Department to consider the enactment of emergency, temporary, or permanent rules that require the following:

1. Testing and analysis be performed after a spill has been reported/detected, including the recommended time frame for such testing.
2. That water providers notify their users of discharges/spills immediately.
3. Additionally, that water providers notify users immediately of any detection of unregulated chemicals, as well as detection of other contaminants that exceed the regulatory limit.
4. The Department should post the results on the DEQ website and send out notices to their media/interested parties lists.

BREDL comments to SC PSA regarding Proposed New Pipeline Regulation

Jun. 11, 2021: BREDL reviewed Social Vulnerability Index data compiled by CDC for Florence County, SC which indicate that there already are moderate to high levels of social vulnerability in the census tracts in the Pamplico area of Florence County.

We call for an end to the Riverneck-Kingsburg pipeline based on its clearly disproportionate impacts on health and welfare.

Billionaire's Blunder : A Report by Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

May. 04, 2021: Bill Gates believes he has figured out a solution for combating climate change: a return to nuclear power. We at Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and others around the world know that nuclear energy and power are not the future we should look to.

The nuclear industry is a struggling industry as more and more plants get shut down and retire. Since 2012, six reactors have shut down and there are plans that seven others will close. Meanwhile, solar and renewables are growing.

BREDL comments on Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement-Clinch River Nuclear Site Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technology Park

Mar. 19, 2021: Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League is in opposition to Tennessee Valley Authority going through with the construction, operation, and decommissioning of an advanced nuclear reactor technology park at the Clinch River Nuclear (CRN) Site in Oak Ridge, Roane County, Tennessee for the following reasons: A variety of negative environmental and human health impacts, there are no efficient and practical solutions for nuclear waste, small modular reactors and microreactors are not the future or cost effective, nuclear energy is a struggling industry, and energy demands are decreasing.

BREDL requests NCDAQ to deny air permit for proposed International Tie Disposal facility in Hamlet
This facility will bring a dubious, risky, polluting, and experimental process to another environmental justice community.

Mar. 03, 2021: This facility will significantly impact the ambient air quality of the surrounding community affecting public health. We are respectfully requesting that NCDAQ require AERMOD air modeling for ITD at least for the criteria pollutant of NO2. Our air modeling results indicate that the ITD facility has a high probability of exceeding the NAAQS ambient air quality 1-hr standard for NO2 - especially when adding the background concentration.

The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) has previously determined that using railroad ties to generate energy makes it possible to avoid stricter rules required for incinerators (which is a questionable decision).

A free online PUBLIC FORUM on natural gas pipelines in South Carolina.

This forum was held on Feb. 27, 2021. Below is a video of our forum.
Rev. Charles Utley, Forum Moderator
Featuring Guest Speakers:
Christopher Covington, multi-generation landowner, Pamplico SC
Rebekah Sale, Executive Director, Property Rights and Pipeline Center
Shelley Robbins, Energy and State Policy Director, Upstate Forever


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