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Asphalt Plants

APAC-Tennessee Inc. proposed plant in Cherokee County, NC.

BREDL Comments on DRAFT air permit for APAC Tennessee Asphalt Plant, Murphy, NC (Jan. 22, 2001)

Flyer/Fact Sheet: APAC Tennessee, Inc. plant in Murphy on Highway 64 West (Jan. 5, 2001)

This valley in the Hothouse community is where APAC-Tennessee Inc. wants to construct a 180,000 ton/year asphalt plant in Cherokee County, NC. APAC currently operates a quarry at the site; the white areas are excavations where rock is being removed. The asphalt plant site would be at the foot of the mountain.

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Board Chairwoman Barbara Vicknair read the proposed one year asphalt plant construction moratorium at the Cherokee County Commissioners meeting on January 16, 2001. The Board voted unanimously to approve the ordinance. The purpose of the moratorium is to "protect public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Cherokee County, NC from potential adverse health effects caused by asphalt plants." The ordinance gives the Economic Development Commission the responsibility to develop, with public input, a land use plan or ordinance to regulate construction of asphalt plants.

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Ed Figueroa, a resident of the Hothouse community in Cherokee County, spoke in favor of a moratorium on asphalt plant construction at the public hearing in Murphy on January 16, 2001. Concerned about high levels of toxic air pollution and the effect on nearby homes and an elementary school, he said, "Is it worth the risk? I am concerned about the health of our families; this is about the health and future of our state." Over 200 people attended the hearing.

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