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New Report Released: An Industry Blowing Smoke - 10 reasons why gasification, Pyrolysis & Plasma Incineration are not "green solutions"

June 15, 2009: BREDL co-releases a new report by Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives. The Report - An Industry Blowing Smoke - outlines 10 reasons why gasification, Pyrolysis & Plasma Incineration are not "green solutions".
BREDL Press Release | Download: An Industry Blowing Smoke

The Case Against Plasma Arc Waste Incineration: The St. Lucie Geoplasma facility

June 2010: The Case Against Plasma Arc Waste Incineration: The St. Lucie Geoplasma facility would be a Title V Major Source of air pollution. The facility would emit high levels of hazardous air pollutants including hydrochloric acid. Similar to most incinerators, the St. Lucie Geoplasma facility will have a bypass stack which will be used in case of upsets such as sudden increases in synthetic gas production. Dioxins and furans, common toxic byproducts of older mass-burn incinerators, are also emitted by plasma acre gasification systems.

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League to Lay Out the Case Against Plasma Arc Incineration

On Monday at the Pittsboro Board of Commissioners meeting the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League will release a report on plasma arc incineration. Louis Zeller, the League’s Science Director, will present the report and recommend a moratorium on waste incineration, including plasma arc.

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Permit documents and other comments are available at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection website:

February 2009: BREDL revises our April 2002 report: Waste Gasification - impacts on the environment and public health (.pdf)

Oct. 19, 2005: BREDL comments on Green-e's proposal to certify municipal solid waste gasification as an eligible renewable energy resource. Green-e is the nation's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy products (by miranda). The Green-e Standard establishes the technical criteria that electricity products must meet to be eligible for Green-e certification. Read all comments submitted nationally | Find out more about Green-e

Sept. 02, 2002: Claude Ward's letter to Duplin County, NC Board of Commissioners regarding proposed gasification project. (.pdf) The Board voted against the proposal in Sept.

April 12, 2002: Lou Zeller's letter to Citizens for a Safe Environment regarding Global Waste International response to questions about gasification.

BREDL report: Incineration and Gasification: A Toxic Comparison (posted 4/12/02)(.pdf)

Pyrolysis and Thermal Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste fact sheet
(posted 10/10/01)