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BREDL submits Mountain Valley Pipeline Consent Decree Comments

Nov. 27, 2019: Any and all payments received from the Mountain Valley Pipeline for their failures to meet soil erosion and sediment regulations must be placed in a fund dedicated to the landowners and communities who have had to endure the devastation from the construction of this ill-permitted and regulated pipeline. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ) should not have access to these monies to fund any of their programs. VADEQ's lack of concern for these communities and landowners has been clear from the beginning of the permitting process. VADEQ ignored the valid concerns of the communities and discounted expert witness testimony when permitting construction. Those ignored and discounted concerns have been proven to be true repeatedly.

Are the OAG and VADEQ going to represent the best interests of the people or roll over to their corporate masters yet again by allowing MVP to walk away without admitting liability and guilt. MVP has caused grave circumstances to many along the route of this boondoggle. MVP should be required to admit guilt and its liability in the devastation it has caused during construction to landowners and communities.

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