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Former BREDL Executive Director Janet Marsh stands next to BREDL's mock nuclear
waste cask.

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34 Groups Call for Resignation of Nuclear Regulatory
Commission's William Magwood
Commissioner Magwood failed to recuse himself on key votes. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 18, 2014 – Today a broad coalition of 34 public interest groups called upon Commissioner William D. Magwood to resign from his position on the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The groups cited his recent taking of a job promoting nuclear power while serving on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission as the cause.

BREDL Press Release

Industrial Surface Water Withdrawal Permit No. 017-0191-11
Vogtle Electric Generating Plant Units 3 & 4, Burke Co., GA

May 15, 2014: Georgia EPD's inclusion of mitigation in a water withdrawal permit is the wrong measure in the wrong place. Proper consideration of such measures is the province of an NPDES waste water discharge permit, which has been applied for but not released by EPD. We believe it would be unfair and contrary to the law if NPDES mitigation measures were allowed through the back door of a water withdrawal permit instead of a discharge permit, the proper place to consider chemical and thermal discharges to waters of the United States.

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Reply of BREDL to Dominion on North Anna

April 9, 2014: From the reply of BREDL to the NRC and the power company, quoting Emerson:

"What is the use of courts, if judges only quote authorities, and no judge exerts original jurisdiction, or recurs to first principles?" In this matter, first principles require a power plant not inimical to public health and safety.

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BREDL files Motion to Reopen and Admit New Contention on North Anna

March 2014: After the Virginia earthquake in 2011, BREDL filed new objections to a third nuke at North Anna. After two-years of additional analysis, Dominion-Virginia Power still seems to be unable to build a new plant without departures, exemptions and variances from federal environmental and safety regulations. The company’s inability to meet standards is at the crux of our motion to reopen the license challenge.

BREDL New Contention

BREDL requests Public Hearing on
North Anna Draft VPDES Permit.

March 2014: The League has requested Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality hold a Public Hearing on the Draft VPDES Permit. Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit is a permit that is required to discharge pollutants into surface waters from a point source.

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Group Files New Legal Action Against TVA
Petition Calls for New Environmental Review
of Earthquake Impacts

Feb. 27, 2014: Today the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League filed a legal challenge to require a full federal analysis of storage of irradiated fuel at the Sequoyah and Bellefonte nuclear power plants. The petition demands that NRC do a complete environmental impact statement on the effects of accidents and leakage on public health and environment. The League also filed a challenges at a power plant in Virginia.

BREDL Press Release

Group Files New Legal Action Against North Anna
Petition Calls for New Environmental Review
of Earthquake Impacts

Feb. 27, 2014: Today the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League filed a legal challenge to require a full federal analysis of storage of irradiated fuel at the North Anna nuclear power plant. The petition demands that NRC do a complete environmental impact statement on the effects of accidents and leakage on public health and environment. The League also filed challenges at two other power plants in Alabama and Tennessee.

BREDL Press Release

The League and 12 other Groups Petition NRC
to Suspend Reactor Licensing Decisions at
Sequoyah, Bellefonte and North Anna

Feb. 27, 2014: Our motion to stay petitions the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to suspend reactor licensing decisions while the agency considers new information on the environmental impacts of used radioactive fuel storage in reactor pools.  This new information was detailed in the Consequence Study of a Beyond-Design-Basis Earthquake Affecting the Spent Fuel Pool for a U.S. Mark I Boiling Water Reactor, Oct. 9, 2013. The NRC Staff found that if even a small fraction of the inventory of the Peach Bottom reactor pool were released to the environment in a severe spent fuel pool accident, an average area of 9,400 square miles would be rendered uninhabitable, and that 4.1 million people would be displaced over the long-term. And the NRC concluded for the first time that the likelihood of spent fuel pool fires could be affected by reactor accidents.

Sequoyah Petition | Bellefonte Petition | North Anna Petition

BREDL and 33 other organizations petition the
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

February 18, 2014: Today BREDL and 33 other organizations petitioned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to conduct a new environmental impact study that incorporates new and significant information from the agency’s post-Fukushima investigation into the risks of severe accidents in nuclear reactor irradiated fuel pools. We also requested that the NRC should suspend all reactor licensing and re-licensing decisions until the assessment is complete.

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Nuclear Power $$$ - Higher electric rates for you, lower taxes and higher dividends for the power company

January 2014: The three-year rate plan recently approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission will hit households hard. But the cumulative impact of the rate hikes will take hundreds-of-thousands of dollars out of the local county every year, and hundreds-of millions of dollars annually from the state economy, money otherwise spent on food, clothing, transportation and shelter.

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BREDL comments on the Environmental Impact Statement
for Waste Confidence Rule

Dec. 20, 2013: View BREDL Comments

Quantum Leap Internet Radio Show With Guest Lou Zeller

Tues. 11/5/13 - Quantum Leap Internet Radio Show With Guest Lou Zeller

Lou is the Executive Director of Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League.  He discussed the human health impacts of nuclear power & the experiences of those who live near radioactive sites. The experiences are similar wherever people are from; they oppose radioactive poisons and the facilities that produce them.

Send Comments to Nuclear Regulatory Commission
on Radioactive Waste

If you missed the Nov. 4 meeting in Charlotte, you can still send comments. Because there is no national nuclear waste dump, federal courts have ordered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to develop a valid, realistic assessment of the environmental impacts of radioactive waste. Until this process is complete, all licensing and re-licensing of nuclear power plants has been put on hold! The risks involved in radioactive waste storage are just too great, including:
• Leaks and fires involving irradiated nuclear fuel or "spent" nuclear fuel
• Technical issues: long-term stability of the waste, security vulnerability deterioration of storage systems, accidents

Couldn't make the trip to Charlotte? Make your comments to the NRC referring to docket ID# NRC-210-0246 Email:
fax: Secretary, NRC 301-415-1101 Mail: Secretary, US NRC Washington, DC 205555-0001 Attention Rulemaking & Adjudication Staff

More Info: Meeting Flyer | Fact Sheet

BREDL Comments on Nuclear Fuel Storage

Sept. 18, 2013: The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's draft study on irradiated nuclear fuel storage at power plant sites should be withdrawn and efforts to incorporate it into the NRCs regulatory framework should be halted. NRC should start a proper investigation of the risks and consequences of pool fires in this nation's power plants based on the lessons learned from the disaster at Fukushima Japan in 2011.

BREDL's Letter to NRC

Citizens Intervene to Halt Sequoyah Plant Relicensing
Unsafe Design, Future Flooding, and Cancer Rates Cited

Sept. 5, 2013: League rebuts TVA, presses its case for intervention in license renewal for aging nuke plant.

BREDL's reply to NRC

July 30, 2013: In May we raised significant safety and environmental problems with TVA’s Sequoyah Nuclear Plant license renewal. But the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board has abdicated its responsibility to rule on our petition and denied our right to due process. Therefore, we make this appeal to the full Nuclear Regulatory Commission to grant our request for a hearing.

BREDL Appeal

May 7, 2013: BREDL’s petition points out the dangers in Tennessee Valley Authority’s request to extend the license of its troubled Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant. The most significant risk is a system which depends on baskets of ice to prevent a Fukushima-style explosion of the reactor building. Our petition uncovers a fatal flaw based on aging and the inability to inspect critical parts of the reactor building. BREDL is calling for the early closure of all seven plants of this manufacture in Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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