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Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Fracking Waste

Fracking Lease Risks

Social Impacts of Gas Fracking

Liquefied Natural Gas Export Terminals+Pipelines+Fracking Equals MORE FRACKING PIPELINES!

Natural Gas Compressor Stations
Air Pollution, Explosions and Fires

Opportunities for Action Environmental Permits

What's All The Fuss About Fracking? - an update

Chemical Disclosure Resolution Template to Protect Local Right-to-Know

BREDL has drafted a resolution template calling for full disclosure of chemicals to be used, stored, and transported at fracking sites, and we hope that groups across the state will adopt this resolution so that it can be presented to local governments in with support from their respective communities. The resolution is designed to be passed among organizations and local governments who can write in their own names and official status. We are asking that local groups adopt and share the resolution widely as an organizing tool in your communities.

Resolution Template
Resolution signed by BREDL Board

Soil Sampling

BREDL video clips   BREDL's Chapter the Neighborhood Environment Watch [NEW] in Alamance Co, NC gives some tips on soil sampling practices Watch Video

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Coal Ash Disposition
The Alternative for North Carolina

BREDL's technical report which details the dangers of landfilling coal ash and recommends the proven saltstone technology for the coal ash at Duke Energy's fourteen power plants. The report entitled "Coal Ash Disposition: The Alternative for North Carolina," describes the saltstone technology which would encase the coal ash waste and isolate the toxins from the soil, air and water.

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30th Anniversary

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No Fracking In Stokes

No Trespassing Sign

Hydrofracking: No Trespassing No Seismic Testing Sign to post on your property

No Trespassing Sign

What's All The Fuss About Fracking?

This BREDL report highlights the main issues with hydrofracking. Updated December 2013

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League Fund

Honors Founder

The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League Board of Directors has recently approved the establishment of a fund to honor the work of Janet Marsh Zeller, who founded the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and served as its executive director for 28 years. Since July 2012, Janet has acted as a consultant to the BREDL Board Executive Committee. The honorary fund is a current fund (as opposed to an endowment fund) which will support the ongoing mission of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League. It will be a continuing fund, with individual gifts accepted throughout the year. All donations to BREDL are tax-deductible.

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BREDL Chapters

BREDL welcomes these new chapters:

Preserve Franklin (Franklin Co., VA) - December 2014

Preserve Bent Mountain (Roanoke Co., VA) - November 2014

Tri-State Concerned Citizens (Tishomingo Co., MS) - October 2014

Citizens Preserving Floyd County (Floyd Co., VA) - October 2014

Watauga Citizens for Local Control (Watauga Co., NC) - August 2014

Concerned Citizens of Richmond County (Richmond Co., NC) - February 2014

Coal Ash

Another North Carolina County Targeted for Coal Ash Disposal
Anson County Identified in Duke Energy Excavation Plan

Jan. 14, 2015: Today the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League released new information pointing to a commercial landfill in Anson County for coal ash disposal.  The information, obtained from Duke Energy's Riverbend and Sutton power plant coal ash excavation plans, states that "In the event the structural fill options are not available in Lee or Chatham County, the Anson County Landfill, a permitted solid waste landfill, has been identified as the alternate location."  The plan indicates that coal ash would be transported from the power plants to the landfill by rail.

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Investigation Points to Statewide Coal Ash Dumps
Should Clay Mines become Dumpsites?

Jan. 9, 2015: Raleigh- Today the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League revealed the locations of clay mines across North Carolina which could be targeted for coal ash disposal if abandoned clay mine dumping is approved by the state. The League generated a map showing nearly a hundred active and inactive clay mines located in over twenty counties, extending from Henderson County in the west to Dare County in the east with many in the piedmont.

Active and Inactive Clay Mines in North Carolina

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Group Launches Radiation Protection Project

Jan. 6, 2015: Today at a press conference in Augusta, a group launched a new program to protect residents from nuclear power plant accidents.  The group, Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff, will be meeting with residents of Augusta, Waynesboro and nearby communities within the emergency zone around the Plant Vogtle nuclear power station.  The project centers on one of the most dangerous pollutants, radioactive iodine, which can affect the thyroid gland.

BREDL Press Release

Coal Ash

US EPA Fails Communities with Coal Ash Recommendations

Jan. 2015: BREDL releases new fact sheet.

BREDL Fact Sheet

Forests | Fracking

League Calls for Ban on Fracking in Public Forests

Jan. 5, 2015: Today in a letter to the United States Forests Service, The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL) released a statement calling for a ban on all hydraulic fracturing and oil and gas development activities in national forests, as well as restricted use of timber harvest and production, chemical treatment, and prescribed burning, with special protections for designated Wilderness Areas. The statement by BREDL’s Executive Director, Lou Zeller, was submitted to the Forest Supervisor for the National Forests of North Carolina, Kristin Bail, in response to the public comment period for the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests 15 Year Plan Draft Revision. The final plan will determine the standards, outcomes and desired conditions for Nantahala and Pisgah Forests, which together span over one million acres in western NC along the Appalachian Mountains in eighteen counties.

BREDL Press Release | BREDL Comments

Safeguard America's Resources

The League files motion to intervene in
Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline

On December 24th the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League filed a motion to intervene in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s proceeding for the proposed Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline. The project would cut a 460 mile swath across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida and install five huge gas-burning, internal combustion compressor stations totaling over 200,000 horsepower. Explaining the League’s opposition to the project, Executive Director, Lou Zeller, said, “Natural gas compressors emit huge amounts of air pollution including ozone-forming nitrogen oxides, toxic formaldehyde and global warming greenhouse gas. The Sabal Trail project would not serve the residents of Alabama, Georgia and Florida nor would it benefit the economy of the Southeast.” The League has members and active chapters in Alabama and Georgia and a chapter situated right on the pipeline route through Valdosta, Georgia: Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy.

BREDL Motion

Clean Air

The League comments on the proposed Clean Power Plan proposed rule under consideration by the US EPA

Dec. 1, 2014: The EPA Clean Power Plan's reliance on nuclear power, biomass and natural gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is misplaced. Therefore, we recommend that the EPA abandon its assumptions regarding these three methods of generating electricity. Without this baggage, the Clean Power Plan's carbon reduction goals are still achievable, at less cost and without damage to the environment and public health.

Press Release | BREDL Comments

Clean Air

Watauga Citizens Call for Expanded Protection from Pollution

Nov. 13, 2014: Today the Watauga Citizens for Local Control requested that the Watauga County Board of Commissioners adopt a buffer zone of 1,500 feet between polluting industries and residential dwellings, commercial buildings and churches. The group said that augmented buffer zones, or setbacks, would better protect people from smoke, noise and health risks caused by asphalt plants, electric power facilities, fuel storage tanks and other industrial facilities. The county already requires such setbacks from daycare centers, schools and nursing homes.

BREDL Press Release | Letter to Watauga Co. Board of Commissioners

In the News article: Citizens Group Officially Asks for Property Protection


League Spotlight: Lee & Chatham Counties, NC - "Split Estates and Forced Pooling". Fracking could bring new dangers to descendents of 1925 coal mine tragedy.

Clean Air

BREDL and Pee Dee WALL Petition EPA Regarding Piedmont Natural Gas Wadesboro Compressor Station Title V Permit

Oct. 2014: The Piedmont Natural Gas—Wadesboro Compressor Station is one of many similar units strung like beads on natural gas pipelines.  They emit huge amounts of toxic air pollution, and this one is no exception.  The permit recently issued by the North Carolina Division of Air Quality suffers from fatal flaws which result in excessive amounts of air pollution and place a disproportionate burden on low income and minority populations in Wadesboro, North Carolina.

View BREDL Press Release | Read Title V Permit Petition


Groups Take Legal Action to Halt
Licensing of 24 Nuclear Plants
Cite Failure to Comply with Court Ruling

Sept. 29, 2014: Today a coalition of 17 public interest groups filed legal actions to halt the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s licensing of two dozen power plants. The actions were taken in response to the NRC’s failure comply with the US Court of Appeals DC Circuit order which held that the Commission must assess the long-term impacts of radioactive waste storage before issuing any new power plant licenses.

Press Release

Motion to Reopen Record | Motion to File New Contention

North Anna
Motion to Reopen Record | Motion to File New Contention

Motion to Reopen Record | Motion to File New Contention

W.S. Lee
Motion to Reopen Record | Motion to File New Contention


North Carolina Energy Coalition seems to have brought in homeless men to pose as fracking supporters at a state hearing on developing fracking operations in the state. The men were bussed 200 miles from Winston-Salem to Cullowhee, N.C., where the hearing took place, for the day.

Around 30 people, some homeless and unaware of fracking issues, were said to be bussed in by the North Carolina Energy Forum, supported by the American Petroleum Institute. Some of the men sporting “Shale Yes” T-shirts seemed confused about why they were in Cullowhee. Some were brought in from homeless shelters after being told that fracking would “help the environment”. Most seemed to not know much about the fracking process.

This happened at a meeting of the state Mining and Energy Commission at Western Carolina University. It was one of four statewide meetings to gather comments from the public about rules for shale gas exploration in North Carolina.

According to The Sylva Herald 18 or so men sported turquoise-colored “Shale Yes” T-shirts. Some of them expressed confusion about why they were in Cullowhee. A handful removed their shirts or turned them inside out after anti-fracking supporters quizzed them about their knowledge of fracking. One of the men told The Herald he stays in a Winston-Salem homeless shelter and came because he had been told it would help the environment. He said he felt misled.

Fracking protesters cried foul.

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Make Radiation Visible Petition

Bellefonte Efficiency & Sustainability Team (BEST) Mothers Against Tennessee River Radiation (MATRR) - Because It Matters

Fall 2014

The League Line: Fall 2014 issue is now available online.

What's the lowdown on nuclear power?

Mad Science

Check out this new book by Joe Mangano: "Mad Science: The Nuclear Power Experiment"

BREDL Fact Sheets

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TERC is partnering with environmental action groups in twelve states to advance the quantitative literacy skills needed to understand and solve pressing environmental problems.

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The League Line

BREDL's Fall 2014 newsletter available online

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2014

- Cover: Natural Gas, Unnatural Disaster by Louis Zeller
- Director's Report: I Am Because You Are by Louis Zeller
- Sand Mining - New Fracking Threat to North Carolina by Therese Vick
Fall 2014
- BREDL on the Nation's Map - Thanks to Bungle by American Petroleum Institute Group by Sue Crotts
- Beyond Dirty Tricks by Gwen Frisbie-Fulton
- My Internship Experience with BREDL by Shengyuan Su
- Using Environmental Test Results with Community Members by Lou Zeller
- NC Mining and Energy Commission Experiences BREDL and Friends in Action During Fracking Hearings by Kate Dunnigan
- Who Regulates the Regulators? by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Shell Bluff Concerned Citizens Potassium Iodide Program by Rev. Charles Utley

On September 2, 2014, a public forum on hydrofracking was held in Franklin, NC, moderated by Sen. Jim Davis, R-Franklin, a co-sponsor of S786, the legislation that opened NC to fracking when it passed in June, 2014. Invited speakers on the panel were Commissioner Jim Womack of the Mining and Energy Commission, Therese Vick, Healthy Sustainable Campaign Coordinator at Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, Sen. Andrew Brock, R-Davie, and Jeffrey Warren, science and energy adviser for the Office of the President Pro Tempore of the NC Senate. During the question-and-answer session, pre-written questions from the audience were randomly drawn. If you would like to read additional responses to the questions posed by the public at this forum, email with "fracking forum questions" in the subject line and ask to be added to the Q&A list. This forum was held in preparation for the Mining and Energy Commission hearing in Cullowhee on September 12, 6 p.m. at the Liston B. Ramsey Regional Activity Center, 92 Catamount Road, at Western Carolina University. Video courtesy of the Canary Coalition, a grassroots environmental non-profit organization based in Sylva, NC.

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League is a regional, community-based, non-profit environmental organization. Our founding principles are earth stewardship, environmental democracy, social justice, and community empowerment.