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Submit comments by May 5, 2011


The EPA is taking comments on their proposal to defer new regulations for biomass incinerators for three years. We have until May 5, 2011 to submit our concerns to them. We hope to generate thousands of comments on this important issue.
Listen to the song Biomess by Tom Neilson for inspiration as you compose your comments to EPA.


  • Biomass burning is dirtier than coal

  • Biomass incineration is not carbon neutral

  • Biofuel production for incineration is contributing to higher food costs impacting all, but especially impacting disenfranchised communities

  • Biomass incinerators are getting federal stimulus dollars to site in disenfranchised communities

  • Because of the delay, there will be a rush to permit during the deferment. This will make developing and promulgating regulations which are protective of public health and the environment virtually impossible

  • Already permitted facilities are likely to be grandfathered in and not subject to more stringent rules, creating de facto sacrifice zones in rural, working class, and minority communities.

  • Due to slash-and-burn budget proposals targeting health- based regulations such as the NC Air Toxics standards means that states, such as North Carolina, will be unable to properly protect public health and the environment.


Because federal dollars are being used, Environmental Impact Studies should be required for each facility. The EIS's must take into consideration potential environmental justice impacts, and public health impacts (sensitive communities: elderly, poor, children, immune compromised)

What you can do:

Write a letter to EPA expressing your opposition to the deferment. Organize a letter-writing get-together or meeting. Ask friends and family to send comments.

It is imperative that each one of us send comments to the EPA on this important issue.

Submit your comments, identified by Docket ID No. EPA-HQ- OAR-2011-0083 by one of the following methods:

  Federal eRulemaking Portal: Follow the online instructions for submitting comments.

E-mail: Include docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2011- 0083 in the subject line of the message.


(202) 566-9744.


Environmental Protection Agency,
EPA Docket Center (EPA/DC), Mailcode 28221T,
Attention Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2011-0083,
1200Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.,
Washington, DC 20460.

Phone: (202) 566-1744.